At level 2, learners demonstrate comprehension or understanding by organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions, and stating main ideas.

  1. How would you classify the type of treatment that Desertrose receives from her father?
  2. How would you compare the way Major treats Mina to the way he treats Desertrose? (Venn diagram)
  3. How would you contrast the way Major treats Mina to the way he treats Desertrose? (Venn diagram)
  4. Select a sentence from the story, and interpret it.
  5. Select an excerpt from the text and rephrase it in your own words.
  6. Select some facts to show that Desertrose is determined to free herself from her life?
  7. Select a paragraph and state the main idea. (Who or what is it about (the subject)? What is the most important thing being said about the subject?
  8. Select three statements that support the claim that Desertrose is a determined individual.
  9. Can you explain what is happening when Desertrose is on the dark city streets?
  10. What general statement can you make about Desertrose that you can support with evidence from the story?
  11. Create a question. a. Write what might be the answer; b. what can’t be the answer, c. what is that is the best answer, and d. none of the above, not necessarily in that order. Label your answers (abcd) Allow a classmate to attempt to answer the question. Explain to him/her why his/her response is the best answer or why it is not. Provide evidence to support your position.
  12. Define what it means to summarize something. Select a paragraph and summarize it.

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