At level 3, learners demonstrate learning by solving problems by applying knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in an different or original way.

  1. How would you use Major’s decision to eat all the food to prove that selfishness does not pay?
  2. What examples can you find to prove that Desertrose is traumatized by her parent’s choices?
  3. Using what you have learned from the story and discussions, how would you help a friend solve a serious problem that they are having with their parents?
  4. How would you organize three major events of Desertrose’s life to prove that her parents’ final decision was in her best interest?
  5. How would you show your understanding of the impact that hunger can have on a child’s mental health?
  6. What approach would you have used to get away from a home life you could no longer bear?
  7. How would you apply what you learned to develop a plan to help young people manage a difficult home life?
  8. What other way could you plan to help to help young people manage a difficult home life?
  9. What would be a result if Mina were strong enough to protect her own interest?
  10. Can you make use of the facts about Major to prove that he is emotionally unstable?
  11. What elements would you use to change Desertrose’s family for the better?
  12. What facts would you select to show that your opinion of Desertrose is accurate?
  13. Select the character that most influenced you. What questions would you ask him or her in an interview?


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