At level 4, learners analyze information by breaking it into parts, identifying motives or causes, making inferences, and finding evidence to support their generalizations.

  1. What are some parts or features of Desertrose’s personality that reveal how she feels about her father’s violence.
  2. How is Desertrose’s connection to the Catholic church related to her ability to try to resolve her situation.
  3. Why do you think Sister Marie gives Desertrose the gifts?
  4. What is the dominant theme of “Desertrose?”
  5. What motive is there for Desertrose to run away?
  6. Can you list the parts of Mina’s personality that trouble Desertrose the most?
  7. What inference can you make about Major that is unrelated to his violent behavior?
  8. What conclusions can you draw about the effect of the police officer being exposed to so many children with major problems?
  9. How would you classify Mina’s response to Major’s violence?
  10. How would you categorize Mina’s response to Major’s violence, Desertrose’s response to Major’s violence, and Major’s response to his own violence?
  11. Can you identify the different parts of Mina’s personality?
  12. What evidence can you find to support the claim that Desertrose is determined to have a better life than her parents?
  13. What is the relationship between Mina’s acceptance of Major’s violence and Desertrose’s opinion of her mother?
  14. Can you make a distinction between the police officer who Desertrose first meets and the officer who takes Desertrose home?
  15. What is the function of the church in Desertrose’s life?
  16. What idea(s) might justify Mina’s response to Major’s violence?
  17. What changes would you make to solve the problem of Desertrose’s constant hunger?
  18. What changes would you make to solve the issue of Major’s violence?
  19. Other than divorce, how would you improve Mina and Major’s relationship?
  20. How would you improve the relationship between Mina and Desertrose?
  21. Provide a reason for Major’s violence and elaborate on it?
  22. Can you propose an alternative to Desertrose’s decision to run away?
  23. Can you invent a model that addresses the issue of domestic violence?
  24. How would you adapt the story to create a different ending?
  25. Create a different response to Desertrose by the first police officer

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