At level 5, evaluation, formally Blooms’ synthesis, learners evaluate information by compiling it in a different way and then combining elements in a new pattern or proposing alternative solutions.


  1. How could you modify the plot (plan)?
  2. What could Mina do to minimize the Desertrose’s negative attitude towards her?
  3. What could Mina do to maximize her own safety?
  4. What way would you design a plan to help children in Mina’s situation find safe and wholesome environments in which to live?
  5. What are some good things in Desertrose’s life that could have been combined to increase the chances that she could have safely gotten out of her environment before Major’s brutal beating of her?
  6. Suppose you could help Desertrose find a better life, what would you do?
  7. How would you test Mina to determine if she would take the opportunity to be free of Major’s violence?
  8. Can you formulate a theory for why Major needs so much control over Mina?
  9. Can you predict the outcome if Mina where to defend herself against Major’s attacks?
  10. How could you estimate the psychological damage that Desertrose’s exposure to violence has caused her?
  11. What facts can you compile to prove that Major may have been suffered physical and/or emotional abuse as a child?
  12. Can you construct a model that would change Desertrose’s family for the better?
  13. Do you agree with the actions of the police the second police officer?
  14. Can you think of an original way for police officers to respond to runaways?
  15. What might have been the outcome if the first officer had not been so desensitized to the children’s problems?
  16. What is your opinion of Sister Marie?
  17. How would you prove that she was trying to empower Desertrose?
  18. How would you disprove that Mina is weak?
  19. Can you assess the value or importance of community members getting involved when they see a child is having a difficult time?



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