I need you to tell me that you love me,
that the stars will not shine
without me,
that the sun will lose its illumination,
the moon its glow,
the ocean its tide.

I need you to tell me that
you will die without me.
You’ll aimlessly wander the earth
without me.
I know that I’m criminal, but
it is my greatest desire.

I need you to show me that
you love me
and lose all control when
you think of me.
You need me wrapped around you
to contain yourself.

I need to know you believe
everything about me is Divine.
I need you to tell me that
I mean more to you than God!
Forgive me, for I know
I am unlawful to have such a desire
that I myself did not create
nor can I dispose.

I need more than that you
tell and show me your love.

I need to own your very senses.
Exotic flowers leave you wanting
compared to me.
Every sultry song sang by sweet birds
pales to the sound of my voice.

The flesh of the most succulent figs
tastes bitter next to mine.
Touching the finest, smoothest,
most sumptuous silks
means nothing compared to
how my skin feels.
My aroma fills the atmosphere of
your very soul.

I need you to
show and tell me that you love me–
Then love me more.


image Christopher Garris via Google

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