From time to time, I like to share evidence of my workspace so that people know that I and other writers are real people who are actually thinking, producing, then sharing. I started to tidy first, but then I decided why pretend. Here you see an initial black and white composition book used to plot the triology of Desertrose stories that I am currently revising. It will likely take me the rest of the year based on my current undisciplined pace. I am going to retire the composition book and replace it with the green and black journals you see. Under the books are some pieces of my art that I share mostly @littlewhitenote on Instagram. I used to mix my art and writing in the same gallery, but I began to feel they just didn’t work together. Let’s just say I have many interests, more than can be contained in an orderly manner in one gallery. As you can see, there are my oil pastels in a little bowl made in Portugal that I’ve had forever. I will use any container to maintain order. But, honestly, my primary mediums are plain ol’ pencil and ink. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me better, and thanks again for supporting Desertrose, who is starting to take on a life of her own. But more on that later.





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